Rally Beans is passionate about the success of our fundraisers. Our fundraiser model is easy to understand, simple to administer, and most importantly, highly effective at raising money.


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Higher total sales results in higher profit margin. Your profit per 12 oz. bag is $4.00 per bag on bags up to 500, and $5.00 bag on all bags over 500. There are no minimum order requirements, and shipping is free.


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Sales are tracked by seller through unique coupon codes and we collect payment & ship direct to the buyer. Online sales can be left open for an extended period of time – even after you’re done selling.


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Our buyers & Roastmasters have been working together to source and roast exquisite coffee beans for over 25 years. Their extensive experience results in roasted coffee beans that are unmatched. See our coffees – Rally Beans Beans


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Rally Beans’ simple and easy fundraiser process is designed for fast and easy fundraising. Rally Beans’ personal service means you can relax, knowing you have a partner to help you every step of the way.